Guide for Contacting Reps to Sign Letter

Contacting Your Representatives in Congress

STEP #1:
* Find your representatives and their contact info HERE
(This includes 3 people: your state's two U.S. Senators and your one House Representative).

STEP #2:
* Check to see if any of your reps have already signed the letter HERE

STEP #3:
* Please contact representatives who have not signed the letter and ask them to sign the "Justice for Kate Puzey" letter being circulated by [if Senator: Senator Isakson & Senator Boxer] or [if House Rep: Congressman Poe & Congressman Farr]
[if you reps are already cosponsors, you can also send them a thank you email, and then could consider contacting any other congressional representatives you can claim - ex: those of your home state, etc.] 

STEP #4:
* VERY IMPORTANT: Please let us know which office you contacted, any staff names, and how it went. For large states, the district # helps!
You can message us on Facebook, or email us at 

See the Congressional Letter of Support HERE

See the National Peace Corps Association Alert for Kate HERE

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Ways to Contact Your Representatives

Send your rep an email (the link above can help you find the email submission form on the Member's homepage).


* Call your representative's Washington D.C. office (ask for the staffer handling Peace Corps, or foreign affairs or women's issues; if necessary, you can also just leave a general message)


Click here for a Sample Phone Call and Sample Email


Suggestions for your email or phone call

* Ask them to sign the "Justice for Kate Puzey" letter. 

* Reference which member is circulating the letter, and their staff contact:

- For US House of Representatives:
[a] Representative Ted Poe (Tx-2) for Republicans >>> Staff contact is Luke Murry (
[b] Representative Sam Farr (Ca-17) for Democrats >>> Staff contact is Caitie Whelen (

- For US Senate:
[a] Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga) for Republicans >>> Staff contact is Chris Sullivan (
[b] Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) for Democrats >>> Staff contact is Ariana Reks (

* Please try to mention reasons why it is important to you that they sign the letter
- Some basic, common examples might be:
(1) Your personal connection to Kate Puzey, and/or descriptions of who she was. 
(2) The importance of achieving justice for a model American citizen who died while serving her country in the Peace Corps. 
(3) The fact that Kate's murder case has stalled for five years, and that justice needs to be achieved both for Kate and to offer her family some closure. 
(4) The example of how the very similar case of the murder of Peace Corps Volunteer Karen Phillips was recently solved in Gabon by a cold case team in under a month, after the case had stalled for 14 years, leading to a successful conviction and closure. 

Other suggestions:
* A short, politely written email is fine - staffers are very busy people, and the most important thing is simply to make contact and get your basic message across. 
* Remember you can write one email and then just slightly modify it for all three of your representatives. 
* For phone calls, if the appropriate staffer is not available you can just ask to leave them a voicemail, or if necessary leave a general message asking the rep to sign the letter. 
* Please always be polite and respectful. 


Click here for a Sample Phone Call and Sample Email


Extra Help: If you've already contacted your reps and still want to do more to help achieve justice for Kate, you can also ask your friends to help by contacting their representatives as well.

* Post the request on your Facebook and refer them to this blog
Asking your friends to help can greatly multiple your impact!