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Dear [Name of Senator or Congressional Representative]:

As your constituent and a concerned citizen, I am writing to respectfully request that you please sign the letter being circulated this week by [Senator Isakson and Senator Boxer (if Senator)] or [Representative Ted Poe and Representative Sam Farr (if House Representative)] requesting that the FBI, State Department, and Peace Corps Inspector General's office send a cold case team to Benin, west Africa, to help assist the Beninese judicial police in reinvestigating the murder of Kate Puzey, a Peace Corps Volunteer who was killed while serving her country in 2009.

Our family actually knew Kate when she was in high school, and I can attest that she embodied the best of America, and that her loss is a great tragedy. [Just one example of a personal connection - of course please tell your own story of your connection to Kate and why this is important to you.]

This coming Tuesday - March 11th 2014 - will be the fifth anniversary of Kate's murder, and the Puzey family is still awaiting justice for their daughter. The government of Benin has held suspects since 2009, but it has yet to successfully collect the necessary evidence to secure a conviction and the case has stalled. This lack of progress in justice for an American citizen is both deeply disappointing and unacceptable.

However there is a great example for how Kate's case could be resolved if the U.S. government offers to assist the Benin government by sending a cold case team in for a full reinvestigation. In 1998 another Peace Corps Volunteer named Karen Phillips was murdered in Gabon, and for 14 years her murder investigation was also stalled. However, in 2012 the U.S. government offered to assist the government of Gabon with a cold case team, and together they finally solved the Karen's case in under a month and were able to convict the offender to life in prison.

The U.S. government should offer all the support and resources to the government of Benin to solve the murder of Kate Puzey that was offered to the Gabon government to solve Karen Phillips' case.

I sincerely hope you will sign the letter to help achieve justice for Kate Puzey that is being circulated by  [Senator Isakson and Senator Boxer (if Senator)or [Representative Ted Poe and Representative Sam Farr (if House Representative)].

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important issue.

[Your name]
[Optional address or contact information – makes it more legitimate]

p.s. please feel free to contact me for further information:

* You can also email them the actual Congressional Letter of Support for Kate


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