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Please Take Action to Help Pass the Bill!!!

Now is the time for Congress to hear from you - both the House and Senate versions of the "Kate Puzey Peace Corps Protection Act" are gathering cosponsors. 

Public support will make a huge difference on whether the bill passes - a bill which could well help save lives of courageous Peace Corps Volunteers, better support those who become victims of rape or other violent crimes, and help build a stronger Peace Corps for future generations. [Click Here for further details or to read the actual bill]

How can you help? Email your representatives in Congress (you can just modify a single letter and we provide samples). Call their offices. Ask your friends to do the same. 

More options? You can also let local victims rights & women advocacy groups, and/or your local Peace Corps Association know about the bill. Modify your letter and send it to the White House and US Peace Corps. Give them a call also. Contact your local paper. Tell your friends about Kate's Voice and our ally FRA

Please help us - a few minutes of your time can really make a big difference on passing the bill!!!

Most Important Ways You Can Help

* Contact Your Local Peace Corps Association
* Contact Local Victim or Women Advocacy Groups
* Contact the White House
* Contact the US Peace Corps
* Help Get a Story in Your Local Media
* Ask Your Friends to Support Us & Our Ally FRA

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